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Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

You can link here to the HEC's Citizen Guide on Stemming the Tide of Pollution from CAFOs.

Golf Carts!
A recent contact with the county sheriff's office is the basis for this issue. We were asked to remind you all that golf carts are not allowed on public roadways around the lakes. That includes Sycamore Beach Rd, Orland Rd, and Shady Side to name a few. It gets more complicated when we look at lanes around the lakes. While golf carts can be used on private lanes with yellow signs, they cannot be used on lanes that have green signs. Lanes with green signs are considered public roads by the county. The sheriff’s office is saying that anyone caught breaking this law will receive a citation. This applies to golf carts, ATVs and such. If you have more questions, please contact the sheriff's office at 665-3131.”


DNR News
James Price of the INDR let us know of a change in state law regarding boat operation inside of marker buoys. This change took effect in July 2017. The law now allows you to operate any motorboat at any distance from the shoreline providing you are operating at idle speed. In other words, you can operate your boat inside marker buoys at the slowest possible speed not to exceed 5 mph, so as to maintain steering control and produce minimal wake. If you have questions, you can email Mr. Price at jgprice@dnr.in.gov. You may want to let any swimmers and kids playing in the lake to be on the lookout for boats operating closer to shore. Regardless of this change in law, you are still able to report reckless operation of watercraft to Steuben County Communications at 260-665-3131. Given this change in law, if you are concerned about safety of swimmers and children playing inside marker buoys on our lake, please contact…


Indiana State House of Representative District 15
Denny Zent
200 Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Indiana State Senate District 13
Susan Glick
200 Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Below is the repealed law...... 

Where to dispose of yard waste and household trash

The waste district shared some reminders as we go into Fall and Winter. The Steuben County center is at 2251 W County Rd 175 N right next to the 4 H Park on our lake. They continue to receive yard waste including grass, leaves, trimmings, etc. at no charge.
They also now take household trash for a fee. For example, a level pick up fee is $50 and an overfull load is $60. A trash bag full is $5. They also take appliances, furniture, bedding, tires, and even old boats at a cost of $20 per foot. The Crooked Lake site is open 8 AM-7PM Mon through Fri, and Sat from 8 AM - 3 PM through the month of October. Beginning November 1, their hours are reduced to 8AM-4PM during the week, and 8AM-Noon on Saturday. Call 260-316-1312 for more information.
The waste district also takes paint, oil and chemicals at their Ashley site on Friday mornings through November 17 from 8 AM-Noon. For more information, call 260 587-3063




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   The Newton Family Greet Freedom Five Participants


  Trishia Stites photo of enthusiastic race participants

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2017 Summer Calendar

May 29-Memorial Day meeting

June 23-25-Sandbar Music Festival

June 24-Crooked Lake Garage Sale

July 1-Fireworks on Saturday at Dark

July 3rd -Light the Lake Red 10:00 pm

July 4th-5th Annual Crooked Lake Freedom5

July 7-8 Balloons Aloft-at Angola High School

September 4th-Labor Day meeting



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If you are not currently a member of our association, please consider joining. Dues are $75 per year. This includes a discount on your garbage pick-up cost. You can mail your dues to Crooked Lake Association, P.O. Box 573, Angola, IN 46703. Any association officer or board member would also be glad to take your membership information. Please make your check payable to the Crooked Lake Assn., Inc.

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We now accept Pay Pal as an available payment method. We can accept payments for dues, donations,  and race registration payments. We have had several members suggest that we should accept payments online. As always we still will accept cash and checks. For those who are not familiar with Pay-Pal, it is a way for us to accept payments online and also accept credit card payments. If you do not have a Pay-Pal account we can still accept your major credit card for payment. You can print a form and fill out the credit card information and send in for payment. We will also be at the Memorial Day meeting and be able to swipe your credit card for payment. We hope you find this to be helpful and convenient.

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To post a lost or found item, please email Al Christoules at albertc14@gmail.com with Lost and Found in the subject line. Please include all pertinent information about the item, including best way to contact you and your item will be added to this site and a Facebook post will be made. Furthermore, please let us know when the item has been found or claimed so we can remove it. This email address will not likely generate a reply. To contact a specific board member, please see their contact information on the public affairs page. Thank you.

Found-A marker buoy floated into my pier. It can be found on the end of my pier located west of Captain’s Cabin, 3rd pier from the point (220 Lane 160) or call 765-425-6207.




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2016 Fireworks Over The Lake

by Trishia Stites

2016 Fireworks

by Sara Knafel

Late in the Day Moment

by Dana Murphy

Aquatic Lake Flowers

by Sara Knafel


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